At Tote Away, we strive to make multi-family communities CLEANER, SAFER, BETTER. We provide door-to-dumpster trash removal to maintain your high standards for community cleanliness.

Our value-added services include complementary safety consulting for your staff, cleaning and maintenance of common areas, and valet observation of suspicious behaviors and unsafe conditions.

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Tote Away is committed to these three words. Our fully vetted valets do everything to deliver prompt and thorough valet trash removal to communities in Lafayette, Louisiana, and throughout the Gulf South.

No longer will residents have to lug their trash to the nearest smelly dumpster. And on-site property staff won't have to worry about cleaning breezeways, dumpster/compactor sites, and common areas. Our trained valets even act as a set of eyes and ears on the property when you're away.

Choose the best to take care of what you need

No other company in the industry provides the kind of comprehensive solutions you'll find with Tote Away. If you're interested in our valet trash service - and everything that comes with it! - reach out to Tote Away to discuss your needs.

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