Valet Trash Service

Valet Trash Service

Tote Away understands that to ensure customer satisfaction, a community must be efficient. And since valet trash removal is a highly rated amenity where the service is offered, we provide you with a significant opportunity to increase both customer satisfaction and revenue. It’s part of our promise to make your community Cleaner, Safer, Better.

Contracting with Tote Away brings you substantial, measurable results in several ways, including:

Resident appreciation

Today’s millennial resident is busy. They don’t have time to haul trash to the community dumpster. And they definitely don’t have time to deal with busted or leaky bags. Tote Away’s valet trash service removes that hassle and keeps your property looking its best. Convenience and cleanliness will keep your residents happy. And happy residents are more likely to renew.

Bottom-line growth

Today’s target demographic, the Millennial generation, cares about cleanliness and convenience. Giving potential residents a reason to choose you over another community will help you grow. Valet trash service is that reason.

Reduced labor costs

As part of your nightly service, Tote Away valets clear loose debris, clean spills, and tidy common areas. Without the worry of cleaning up, your staff can focus completely on service requests and turning units. Operation expenses will be reduced by an estimated one to two labor hours per day.

Reduced waste disposal fees

Tote Away monitors your waste stream and makes recommendations to better manage waste accumulation with the goal of cutting disposal costs.

Increased security

Our valets are an extra set of eyes to protect your property when your staff is not on-site. Tote Away will provide you with on-site activity reports to routinely communicate observations.

Competitive advantage

The Tote Away valet trash system is one of the most desirable amenities in the multi-family housing industry. Offering this service to your residents sets you apart and gives you the edge in an already competitive market.