At Tote Away, we hold ourselves to the highest standard of excellence, driven by the goal of making your community Cleaner, Safer, Better. Our mission is to be preferred provider of valet trash collection to our client communities by establishing the highest standards of courtesy, promptness, cleanliness, efficiency, and safety. In doing that, we ensure that you, the resident, come first.

We understand that to you, this isn’t just an apartment; it’s your home. Of course you want it to look nice. With our attractive waste containers and five-night-a-week valet service, you won’t have to worry about your neighbors’ unsightly, smelly trash staying outside for everyone to see. You won’t have to contend with loose trash in the breezeways or a mess at the dumpster area. With Tote Away’s door-to-dumpster service, you can always be proud of your home and never embarrassed in front of family and friends.

Best of all, now you no longer have to lug heavy, leaking bags down stairs, through parking lots, or across poorly lit areas of the community. Imagine how nice that’ll be during bad weather! When it’s raining, you stay nice and dry. When it’s hot, you’re cool and fresh. And when it’s cold out, you’re snuggled up warm inside.

In today’s world, you have a right to demand a safe, clean, and secure community. Our uniformed valets are trained in security and safety. We act as another set of eyes and ears on the property when the office staff is gone. No other service, no other provider speaks louder to safety, cleanliness, and security.

Your happiness is our highest goal, and we encourage you to contact us directly with any needs or issues that arise, even after business hours. If you’re ever dissatisfied with our service, rest assured that we’ll go to great lengths to fix the problem.
For more information, read our Frequently Asked Questions page.