Make Sure Your Property Is Safe and Secure

It takes quite a bit of knowledge and effort to successfully manage any property. While you and your staff are working hard to take care of your residents on a one-on-one basis, smaller details might get pushed to the side. Tote Away is here to take care of those gaps in coverage. We provide security and safety consulting at no additional cost for all property managers in Lafayette, Louisiana, & the entire Gulf Coast.

For safety consulting, board certified safety professionals can offer:

• A site-specific OSHA-compliant safety program
• Safety standards for working at height, chemical usage, electrical, etc.
• Safety training to eliminate unsafe conditions and control unsafe behaviors

For security consulting, our team can be another set of eyes and ears on your property when the office staff is gone. We’ll also provide you with general tips and assistance for keeping your property safe for the residents in your community.


Tote Away would love to sit down with you to discuss what you need at your property. Whether you need to learn proper chemical disposal techniques or learn general tips for property security, we’re here for guidance. Reach out to Tote Away today to see how valet trash service can make your property cleaner, safer, and better.