About Us

Cleaner, Safer, Better. Three simple words that speak volumes. Three simple words that tell your story and ours. At Tote Away we know that our doorstep trash collection service is fundamental to your community wellbeing. We recognize that we have to be excellent at every doorstep each and every day. We understand that to the property owner, the resident is the client and that to the resident it is not a rented space; it is your home.

Cleaner, Safer, Better. Three simple words written on a page that communicate the core of all we do at Tote Away. First envisioned in 2002, the founding members recognized that valet trash collection had not come of age in the suite of amenity packages – large clubhouses, movie theaters, expansive workout rooms – that property developers were including at the time. Today, multi-family housing has evolved and with it, the resident. The lavish amenities of just 10 years ago rank low with today’s residents. So the time for valet trash service is now.

Cleaner, Safer, Better. Three simple words years in the making. Tote Away did not pioneer valet trash doorstep collection, and we recognize and commend those companies that came before us. What makes Tote Away the best choice in valet trash service today is that we are excellent students of the business and industry. Our services go far beyond simple trash collection. We understand that we must complement our clients’ corporate mission. Tote Away delivers the services of safety and security at no additional cost. Tote Away Valets are on site when property management staff is not. Our valets are trained observers and will immediately report unsafe conditions and suspicious behavior.

Cleaner, Safer, Better. Three simple words that communicate that we care about your residents and staff. Tote Away is the only trash valet service in the industry to employ a Board Certified Safety Professional and a security consultant. At no additional cost, we will conduct OSHA compliance audits and provide a property-specific Health, Safety, and Environmental program with training. In today’s uncertain world, clean is good, but safer is better.